Friday, March 1, 2013

How To Get Out Of Debt With Donations

Changes in the global economy have caused many people to run up an enormous amount of debt while trying to keep their heads above water.

In the past five years, gasoline, energy and food prices have almost doubled!

During this same amount of time, many businesses (and even governments) have been forced to lay off workers in order to reduce their operating expenses.

For anyone who loses a job, this creates a powerful "one, two punch" . . . they lose their source of income at the same time prices are rising for just about everything.

Many people caught in this scenario turn to credit cards in order to make up the difference, running up huge bills.  Others are caught with an unexpected medical emergency that saddles them with tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

It's now possible for you to receive donations to help you deal with your debt, or any other cause that is important to you.


Whether your cause is to get out of debt, buy your kids braces, or to simply stay home with your kids . . . can help!

It's free to create an account, but you will be asked to support two causes with a monthly donation of $10 and $20 to each ($30 per month, total).

The next step is to promote your link on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, via email, via text message and on your own blog. The more you promote your CashForCauses,org link, the more donors you can attract.

Each supporter who registers using your link, starting with your 2nd, will be asked to support your cause with a donation of $20 every month.


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